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Benefits of Having a Website
Frequently Asked Questions
How To Order Your Website

Advanced Package:

This site will be a fully featured full e-commerce site but will only feature a partial database built to your requirements of products that you wish to sell online (e.g. Agency lines, Disability Products, exclusive niche lines etc.). All income from sales of these products will come straight to you as in the Enhanced Package. You will be responsible for distribution of these products.

The initial setup for this type of site will be between£2000 (for up to 250 products) and £3000 (for up to 500 products). We can then tailor a support package based on your requirements and dependent on how much work you/your staff will do and how much you need us to do. The support fee will range from £25 per month (zero support) to £150 per month (full support) dependent on your needs and the number of products you are listing.

You will retain ownership of the site and the database and will have access to the Content Management System (CMS). The Advanced Package can be upgraded to the Enhanced Package at any time by paying the difference.