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Benefits of Having a Website
Frequently Asked Questions
How To Order Your Website

Why Every Pharmacy Needs an Online Presence

Your customers are already shopping online

  • UK Population: 62,348,447. UK Internet Population: 51,442,100 (82.5%).
  • More than 85% of UK internet users have purchased online.
  • 42.6% of customers buy online at least once every week.
  • Online retail is expected to grow by 36% in the next 18 months compared to just 1% for in store sales.
  • One in every two retail purchases will be made online by 2012.

The question is - Who are they shopping with?

  • Boots.com?
  • Lloydspharmacy.com?
  • Pharmacy2u?
  • ChemistDirect?
  • GSK online?
  • The growing number of internet pharmacies?
What is clear is that unless you have an online presence then your customers are definitely not shopping with you.

And it's not just retail sales that will be affected 

  •  More and more customers now expect to be able to order their repeat prescriptions online. If you do not offer this facility they will go to someone who can. This will become more of an issue when EPS 2 becomes a reality.
  • Online Doctor facility. This is a rapidly growing market - if your customers cannot get this service from your pharmacy then they will be going to the competition. How long will it be before they move all of their custom over to the competition?
  • It is common to use search engines such as Google to find contact details of local businesses. Our websites are optimised to be search engine friendly to increase the chances of your customers finding you on search engines.